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My Best Friend's Girl - Dorothy Koomson I adore the premise of this book. It is a rare thing to come by a chick-lit novel that is capable of predictable entertainment and heavy speculations. "My Best Friend's Girl" is a beautiful story of moral dilemmas, forgiveness, grief, guilt, death, loss and love. It is about coming to terms with buried demons and facing the reality head-on. At its very core, "My Best Friend's Girl" is an optimistic tale of how to heal the past and truly live in the present.

However, some parts of the book were poorly executed. While Koomson's has a delightful way of writing, I do not think she is particularly skilled at characterization. The characters start out as rock-solid personalities, and end up with blurried edges. Holes appear because the characters do not act within their own sense of reason - and the plot suffers from it.
The most obvious example is Luke. Koomson goes out of her way to draw a picture of a lovable, tender and fragile man in the beginning, and then forgets everything about him when Nate shows up. There is not one loving scene between Luke and Kamryn while Nate is in the picture; Koomson neglects her own character, she leaves him out of the equation in order to create some sort of sympathy towards Nate. It is too obvious to abandon and dismiss Luke so easily.
And then there's the rushed ending. For Kamryn to suddenly open her arms like that without any questioning feels wrong and hurried. You would think a person like Kamryn would be extremely cautious, at best.

Love triangle aside, this is a promising book with a lot of potential. I love what Koomson has done with the well-known chick-lit genre. I like that "My Best Friend's Girl" feels substantial, thought-provoking even. I like that it lingers.