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American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis I will award this book three stars, and I will never ever pick it up again. I will never even as much as look at it again - it will be placed in the back of my bookcase, guarded by layers of lovely books.

Why? Because "American Psycho" is a horrible, horrible, horrible book. It holds a story of true terror, horror and absurdism. It is extreme.
Of course extremity is always an admirable and brave choice when writing a book - and that is why I choose to overlook my disgust and reach for three stars instead of just one. With this book Ellis' has told a story that I would rather forget and abandon forever. A book so disturbing, so disgusting, so grotesque that it made me sick; torn between the need to throw up or to scream.

Sometimes it is a good thing to read something you don't want to know, or look at something you don't want to see. "American Psycho" is an eye-opener - and it paints a picture that is anything but pretty.