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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes I love how chick-lit sometimes can be something more than the average "girl-meets-boy" novel, and end up surprising you in ways you had not imagined. Even though the genre definitely has some stereotypic traits, it can offer great variation and ultimately leave you with something to think about.

"Me Before You" was exactly that kind of reading experience. I even cried hard several times, as the novel is not as much about love as it is about fate, dignity, sickness, determination and the right to choose for oneself. The love-thing was really just something "on the side".
So here I am with tear stained cheeks and little traces of mascara on the corner of my pillow. I did not see this coming. I did not think I could ever be so moved and so deeply touched by a mere chick-lit novel with a pink front page.

This is by no means an "important" artpiece or anything of that sort. And the thing is, it isn't meant to be. But it is significant with the small things, handling delicate themes such as holding on and letting go. Not in the cheesy "Ps, I Love You" kinda way, but in a gratifying way that leaves you with a small impression of how important it is to take control over your own life (and death), and living to the fullest without compromising your core values and beliefs.