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Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson Sex orgies, voyeurs and human branding. Surreal and absurd. This book holds all the ingredients of the newly popularized erotic genre, that causes so many women to swoon. I cannot for the life of me even begin to comprehend why this genre is supposed to be so exciting.

I have read Marquis de Sade's "Justine", so I do have a perfect understanding of Jackson's vision. But whereas Sade was revolutionary, Jackson's writing is simply filled with clichés and stereotypes. There is nothing new about the "dark and mysterious" world Jackson is trying to present; on the contrary, the concept is perhaps getting a bit old.

And of course, Jackson's writing is hideous. Every sexual description in the book involves the odor of musk (!!!), the word "voyeurs" or something about Summer's ability to stand straight, or perhaps a detailed description of her red hair and pale skin. The whole violin-thing is bizarre, and the repetitive pattern of naked concerts is tiring.
The characterization is perhaps more like a caricature, and while Dominik perhaps is a softer character than the typical Edward Cullen stereotype, he is still extremely predictable with his pursuit of Summer, his fancy presents and shifting moods. Isn't it possible to create more than one dom-personality? Perhaps not.

My biggest problem is perhaps that Summer is yet another girl, who is self-harming and self-destructive. She doesn't want to submit, she doesn't want to be dominated and humiliated - but of course, she has no will power and does it anyway. Why, oh why, does books like this have to force "innocent" girls to demean themselves in such a extreme degree? It makes me sick.

If this genre has to exist couldn't it at least be decent enough to only involve women who agree with their master's terms? Why do they have to be unhappy with their choices? Why do they have to give in against their will? Why on earth is self-destruction supposed to be sexy?