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Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater I could just sink into Stiefvater's sea of words forever and blissfully drown in the soft waves of her writing. Her metaphors are so beautiful, her descriptions so lyrical and her declarations of love are so enchanting.
And yet in spite of all this, "Linger" is not a well-written book.

It has something do with the lack of plot, the excruciatingly slow pace, and the cloned personality of every single character.
I quite liked how the novel shifted between Sam/Grace and Cole/Isabel, until I suddenly realized that Cole and Sam's thinking were exactly alike and impossible to tell apart - which is rather odd, considering how different they're supposed to be. If the goal was to add some variation to the book, Stiefvater failed.

Overall, "Linger" felt unnecessary and pointless. "Shiver" would have been strong enough as a stand-alone book, and the love story between Sam and Grace should have been concluded with a simple kiss, instead of further drama. Sometimes simple really is the most elegant way to go.