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Midnight in Austenland: A Novel - Shannon Hale No. Just no.

I thought "Austenland" was such a cute book; perfectly pink and fluffy and some of the best Austen-fanfiction I've read in years. So of course I wanted to read the sequel, as a bit of guilty pleasure always should be indulged. But sadly "Midnight in Austenland" left me with more guilt than pleasure.

I do appreciate the fact, that "Midnight in Austenland" is built upon Austen's slightly overlooked "Northanger Abbey", but that's about the only thing I do like about this book.
The story is just too morbid and absurd. A murder in a Austen theme park, falling in love with your supposed sibling (?), an American woman who seems to be living an eternal Austen-fantasy while pretending to be British, an actor who thinks he really is in the 19th century and a seriously disturbed maid - honestly, wasn't the whole idea of Pembrook Park a bit far-fetched already?

How would I describe this book? As Jane Austen meeting Agatha Christie. And of course we all know that such a combination would be anything but graceful.