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Mr. Darcy's Diary - Amanda Grange Well, well. This isn't as easy as it looks, because I actually enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting while constantly reminding myself that it really wasn't great writing at all. And it really isn't great writing in any circumspect; but great entertainment? Perhaps.

When you're an Austen-addict but have read all her books this series is the best bittersweet option you have left. It is actually the same stories, just told from a different angle with other reflections on the events. Amanda Grange is truly respectful towards Austen's masterpieces, and does not throw obscure events or modern slang into the story as some fanfiction in this genre are known for. She just keeps it simple and believable.
In this adaption Mr. Darcy was just as I thought he would be. Perhaps Grange almost chose the too-obvious path, making his pride and arrogance so visible, even to himself, that the dear Darcy lost some of his charm. But that may just be me.

The one thing that really annoyed me about this book was the diary-form, which sometimes really is a diary writing style, and at other times is plot-stylized with direct speech and such. Also Grange seems to have wished so strongly to be true to the plot that she sometimes ends up copying entire passages, even chapters, from the original novel, which might be pointless (and boring) as you would assume the target group has read Austen's novels before.