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Rumi, Coleman Barks, John Moyne, A.J. Arberry
The Magic Faraway Tree Collection - Enid Blyton This was simply just delightful. Nothing less or nothing more; as light as a feather, and as sweet as a treasured childhood memory, these stories almost melted on my tongue with a sugary flavour. My only regret is just that I didn't read these as a child. It is such a shame, because I would have loved them.

'The Magic Faraway Tree' is childhood imagination at its best. I can easily imagine a younger version of me, squealing with delight at the mere thought of a land of toys or a tea party land. These books are everything a child could ever wish for or dream of.
I also liked the fact that the books reminded me of several of my favorite childhood-stories; they had the crazyness and absurdness of Alice in Wonderland, the cross character from The Voyage of the Dawn Threader and the lessons and wisdom of numerous classic fairytales. I adored those references.

It is very hard for me to rate children's books as these, as I am no longer a child. It always feels bittersweet and reminds me of what I have lost and outgrown over the years. But there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that these books are perfect for children. They would have been perfect for me too, not so long ago...