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Noughts & Crosses - Malorie Blackman This is a story of star-crossed lovers. A story of a doomed friendship and an inevitable failure. This is a story of Romeo and Juliet. Only, this Juliet is called Persephone Hadley and Romeo is named Callum McGregor, and what is separating them isn't an ancient family feud; it is the color of their skin. This is a story about racism, in its cruelest and most hopeless form.

It is hard for me to categorize this novel. Because even through it takes place in a fictional universe, it is in many ways a true story, with deep roots in our very own past. Whether we call it science fiction or fantasy, it is still historical fiction as well. Missing that fact would be like missing the entire point of the novel. It is essential.

I really liked this book. Not because of Blackman's writing (which was a bit poor and lacking at times), not because of the very predictable story-line, not because of the flat characters; no. I simply liked it because of the tears it made me spill, and the thoughts it made me think.