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KANE AND ABEL - Jeffrey Archer Gold fever. We all know the phenomenon; an obsession, a never-ending fascination and a desperate need for more. As I read this book I experienced something similar; reading fever.
When I first began reading this book, I simply couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop. It wasn't even possible. With an almost destructive greed I had to read on, to keep turning the thin pages - and when I finally reached the end, and there were no more pages to turn, I felt completely empty, saddened by the fact, that the book had run out of words. It's been a long time since I've felt this way.

Usually I'm always focusing on a beautiful languages with mesmerizing metaphors and beautiful sentences. This book however does not contain any of those factors; the writing style is simple, there is hardly any use of adjectives or long passages of descriptions, which I normally hold so dear. However I loved it just as much. Perhaps even more. 'Cause it turns out that sometimes a good story with a beautiful message is more than enough.

I may have finished reading this book; but I am not at all done with it. This is one of those rare books I will keep with me forever. In my heart and in the back of my mind.