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Perrault's Fairy Tales (Wordsworth Children's Classics) (Wordsworth Classics) - Charles Perrault I often feel like Perrault is being overlooked and underestimated when it comes to fairy tales. He is not nearly as famous as the Brothers Grimm or H.C. Andersen, however I do think his fairy-tales are equally as powerful as theirs.

The stories are well composed, and truly terrifying in some aspects. It's definitely not the happy disneyfied stories as we know today, but grim and raw tales dealing with problems everyone - even adults - can relate to, and written with a specific point or morale in mind. Each fairy tale ends with a moral poem, that holds the key to unlocking the true meaning of the story.

Perrault's version of "Cinderella" is my all-time favorite fairy tale. It is the work of a true artist, and I can only regret that so few people are aware of it.