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Dagbog fra i morgen - Cecelia Ahern What do I expect from a typical chick-lit novel with a pink front cover? I simply expect to be entertained and to be amused. Nothing else. And yet, this book let me down.

Perhaps it was because of the main character; a stereotyped, rich and spoiled young girl who has to come to terms with a sudden change of life style. As she is the narrator of the novel, her obnoxious personality creeps into every little chapter and every little minor character. It is impossible to get rid of her; and I found myself wishing to escape her.
It is undoubtedly hard to love a book when you dislike the main character - in most cases it ruins the entire reading experience. And Tamara Goodwin ruined it for me.

Ahern's writing style feels a bit too jumpy at times; she constantly criticizes the overuse of obvious phrases - and yet she constantly uses them herself. Her sense of irony is too repetitive, and Tamara's comical descriptions of Rosaleen feels like the same joke being told over, and over, and over again. The plot is certainly promising and a bit mysterious - but Ahern's attempt at gothic writing feels a bit too odd and seems a bit out of place.

Most of all, this feels like it is aimed at a slightly younger audience.