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Little Men

Little Men - Louisa May Alcott I never realized there was a continuation of the stories and lives of my beloved March family. Therefore it was such a pleasant surprise to reunite with the dear characters once more.

"Little Men" follows Jo Bhaer and her husband in their quest to educate and raise young boys at their school. I was a little disappointed to find that the majority of the March family was forgotten and merely existed as a background story. But as the little women grew up, I guess it was time to focus on a new generation of little men.
This seems to be more of a children's book than I ever considered "Little Women" to be. The plot mainly consists of accounts of the boys' many adventures and their moral lessons. However Alcott's writing is delightful as ever, and her ability to maintain individuality and distinguish between her characters will always be admirable.

Even though there is no silent Beth present or even a vain Amy, there is still a dear charm to the variety of characters. I loved hearing of Amy's little girl, the so-called Princess Bess, and Meg's dear twins. Another wonderful addition was the shy orphan Nat and the kind-hearted troublemaker Dan. Jo was great fun as always and her relationship with professor Bhaer almost mirrored the idyllic idealization of Marmee and Father March.

If you loved "Little Women", you will find "Little Men" a great treasure - if nothing else it'll allow you to revisit the remains of the dear March family.