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Villette - Charlotte Brontë I have only just finished reading the last words on the last page of "Villette", and I already know that this is a book I'll remember forever. It has already left a mark on me. It broke my heart.

I actually expected this to be a lot more like "Jane Eyre" than it was. In fact I'm not sure why everyone keeps comparing the two stories, because they are entirely different from each other. Sure there are some resemblances; but after all both books are written by the same author.

The novel is narrated by the secretive and hostile Lucy Snowe. She is not your average narrator; she constantly conceals important details and hides essential facts, which ultimately ends up giving the reader many unpleasant surprises as the story unfolds. Half of the time I felt like I was in a labyrinth; left in the dark, with no idea of where the story was going.

I really had no idea of how the novel would end until I reached the very last page. And even among those last words I found another big surprise. The ending left me completely puzzled and confused; Lucy Snowe unfortunately continued to guard her secrets 'till the very end.