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Fortunately, the Milk . . . - Neil Gaiman 'No milk,' I said.
'No milk,' said my sister.
I watched my dad think about this. He looked like he was going to suggest that we have something for breakfast you do not need milk for, like sausages, but then he looked like he remembered that, without milk, he couldn't have his tea. He had his 'no tea' face on.

It is a rare thing to actually laugh out loud, when you're reading by yourself. I do not know why, but the act of actually making an unconscious sound when you're completely alone seems impossibly hard. Laughter is perhaps one of those things you should always share with others.
That said, this book made me laugh in spite of myself. I read it in under an hour, and I laughed and giggled the entire time. "Fortunately, the Milk..." is silly, peculiar and a bit absurd. But most of all, it is fun.

While it most certainly is a children's book intended as an endearing goodnight story, it still managed to amuse me as well. In between the sudden appearances of little ponies embellished with pale blue stars, sulky wumpires (one named Edward) and the three dancing dwarfs, I couldn't help falling for this book. Twilight-irony, Doctor Who references and the lightness of the childhood imagination won me over.

Neil Gaiman has used the word 'silly' about this book, and I can find no better word for it. It is silly - filled with a very British silliness, that I adore. You should not read it if you expect to find the wisdom from 'The Graveyard Book" or the atmospheric strangeness from "Coraline". You should however read it, if you want to laugh and if you're still a child at heart. And remember;

Where there is milk, there is hope.