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More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - Jen Campbell description

Hilarious. When I read this book I was giggling and laughing out loud several times. In fact my boyfriend became so curious, he started to read along - and laugh - as well.

I especially loved the naive comments from children; ranging from comparisons of Hitler and Voldemort to an imaginative pony with roller-skates and a purple tail. So adorable.
The ignorance of some customers made me sigh as well, causing me to question the sheer stupidity of the human race (oh well). Some of these quotes almost seemed too far-fetched to be real and scared the life out of me. Can people really believe that the Shire is a real destination? Or that Shakespeare is still alive? Apparently so, according to this little gem of a book.

This is just as funny as Campbell's first book, and the accompanying drawings by the Brothers McLeod underlines the irony and weirdness of the quotes perfectly. I would recommend this to any booklover looking for a good laugh. It is impossible not to burst with laughter while reading these quotes and scenarios. Here's two of my favorites:

Customer one (admiring a leather-bound classic): Wow, what a beautiful cover.
Customer two (while purchasing "Reflected in You" by Sylvia Day): I don't buy books because they're beautiful. I buy them because they expand my knowledge.

Young girl (pointing to a cupboard under one of the bookshelves): Can you get to Narnia through there?
Bookseller: Unfortunately, I don't think you can.
Young girl: Oh our wardrobe at home doesn't work for getting to Narnia, either.
Bookseller: No?
Young girl: No. Dad says it's because Mum bought it at IKEA.