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Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury I will always be amazed whenever I read a science-fiction classic such as this, and find that the author actually had grasped a figment of truth in his predictions. To have such a clear understand of where the world is heading, is equally fascinating and terrifying.

In Bradbury's future books are being burned; and the only stimulation there is left on the planet is one of stupid interactive soap operas. A future without books is almost too sad to bear - and the effect it has on people is inevitable; without books, there isn't any clarity, any wisdom or any happiness left. Bradbury's characters find themselves addicted to their TV-screens, leading pointless lives without any idea of what's really going on around them. Books - or the lack of books - seem to be essential for their wellbeing.

"Fahrenheit 451" argues the importance of books, the importance of reading and above all: the importance of knowledge. People need to forget their precious TV's and start caring about, what's really going on outside. Otherwise the alternative is very grim indeed.