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My Antonia - Willa Cather, Jessica Hische As I mostly based my decision to read "My Ántonia" on the beautiful binding and the intriguing title, I was not at all prepared for the overwhelming and talented writing it contained. Cather's descriptions of the strange prairie landscapes are exquisite - I have never set my foot on a prairie, and yet it came alive before my eyes as I read, and left me with vivid impressions of golden sunsets, bright flowers and a certain sense of belonging.

Apart from the stunning writing, the story and plot itself is enjoyable as well. I loved the narrator, Jim Burden, and his way of portraying the free and wild Bohemian spirit Ántonia personified.
The characters and their mutual bonds were so tightly woven, and as their stories intertwined and unravelled into a chaotic mess, you never doubted their impact on each other.

I guess it is possible to describe "My Ántonia" as a study in connections and bonds; between people, their lands, their families and their neighbors.