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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson Of course I knew the story of the calm Dr. Jekyll and the detestable mr. Hyde. It is just one of those stories that everyone knows or have heard of, in spite of never having opened the book. I actually remember encountering the gothic tale in one of my favorite childhood movies "The Pagemaster". Needless to say, Mr. Hyde was truly horrifying for the 7-year old me, and therefore gave me many sleepless nights. The story is very haunting that way.

What I liked about reading this book was that it opened for so many various interpretations. It could be interesting to regard the book as a study in psychological sufferings such as schizophrenia or as a Freudian study of the subconscious self. However it is also possible to focus on the eternal struggle between the civilized culture and the ancient nature, a battle against the primal forces that lie deeply within us all. But then again, a more creative angle would suggest the book to deal with issues such as alcoholism or drug-abusing. The possibilities are endless, and therefore the book is timeless.

Interpretation aside, I really enjoyed the book. It was so horror-like, so creepy, so grotesque that I couldn't help but feel an attack of goosebumps as I turned the pages. Actually I'm afraid of a repetition of my childhood nightmares tonight. The story is just that powerful!