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Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Sometimes my lovely boyfriend agrees to read for me. He has a very delicate english accent, and I love hearing the stories come to life in his soft voice. This book was no exception.
When I read it by myself I couldn't help but to giggle a little bit. But when he read the words out loud, we both bursted with laughter. Somehow this book was just better that way. Like it was meant to be heard, not just to be read quietly.

However I did enjoy this book. The writing style was amazing; so sarcastic, almost poisoning in its language, and yet so witty and sophisticated. Mr. Mybug might just be the funniest person ever invented in the literary universe. He was hilarous as the perfect parody of narrow-minded and egocentric scholars.

And now you may just wonder exactly why I ended up giving this book two stars after nothing but nice words. Well, that is a rather complicated matter. As I honestly do like the book, I do not love it. Neither do I feel a need to ever read it again. I am not impressed, and I am not deeply touched. I simply just liked the book - and nothing more. That is what the two stars symbolizes.