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I live on a page in a book. My name is written in a curly and swirly font, along with long descriptions of sleepless nights and filled bookcases.

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Swann's Way (In Search of Lost Time, #1)
Marcel Proust, Lydia Davis, Christopher Prendergast
Swanns verden 2 (På sporet af den tabte tid, #2)
Marcel Proust
The Essential Rumi
Rumi, Coleman Barks, John Moyne, A.J. Arberry

Poems of John Keats (Penguin Classics)

Poems Of John Keats - John Keats "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter

I have taken my sweet time in reading this. I wanted to allow the legendary words of Keats to sink in - because the thing is, his beautiful and perfectly lyrical poems demands to be felt in order to be understood.
His writing is eloquent and filled with imaginative power. Every single word of his is so persuasive and tempting; so blissfully seductive. And in the end he of course won me over. With all of my heart. Five stars and all the praise in the world still wouldn't be enough.

To read Keats is an irresistible delight.

"Philosophy will clip an Angel's wings,

Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,

Empty the haunted air, and gnomèd mine—

Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made

The tender-person'd Lamia melt into a shade.